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&& The first rock thrown again
Welcome to Hell, little Saint &&
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30th-May-2010 04:58 am - 021 [Voice/Action]
distant | blank | no answer
...Back here again? [pauses; then sighs] I suppose...it's better than the other alternative back in Hyrule. At least I can actually see better here...

[Oh hello Vaati, where have you been this whole time? The mini-sorcerer then casts a weary glance at the crow nearby before beginning to make his way back towards his cabin, crow following along. Feel like speaking up and saying hello?]
defeated | bothered | whatever

Oh for the love of...

Has anyone seen Minatsuki? You know, that one...sometimes violent although sort-of attractive I suppose girl...

((ooc: Guess who suddenly has unexplained ~feelings~ for one of the resident psychopaths around here? Vaati: FML))
4th-Jan-2010 09:23 pm - 029 [Voice]
annoyed | unamused | antisocial
[sounding vaguely annoyed] ...Is there any particular reason I'm in a different cabin than before?

[ooc: He hasn't noticed yet that he has new cabinmates too. Hey Harry and Ark, guess who you're in the same cabin with now? XD]
26th-Dec-2009 08:01 pm - 028 [BACKDATED TO THE 25TH]
defeated | bothered | whatever
[Vaati, as anyone can expect when receiving a gift from the Reaper, is kind of cautious about opening it since last time it attempted to shock him when he tried to look at it earlier. But now, he is staring at this thing.]


[Vaati is not amused, Reaper. Especially since it's not really a magical staff and is just a plastic one >:|]
4th-Dec-2009 04:35 pm - 027 [Voice]
exhausted | dead | tired
That damn Reaper must be joking,
If he thinks I'm going to be singing,
...Still, I suppose it couldn't be any worse
Then being the size of a mou~u~use...

[...And then he realizes that he is in fact singing in prose at the moment and quickly stops himself from saying anything further. There are so many things he wants to say right now over the indignity of all this, but it's safer to keep his mouth shut...]

[ooc: Oh god this event lol. Tunewise, he's pretty decent. Must have something to do with having a girly voice already. XD; Also, I apologize if it takes me a little while to respond back-I am not as clever and witty as you all are. :3]
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