The Great Wind Mage Vaati (picori_sorcerer) wrote,
The Great Wind Mage Vaati

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027 [Voice]

That damn Reaper must be joking,
If he thinks I'm going to be singing,
...Still, I suppose it couldn't be any worse
Then being the size of a mou~u~use...

[...And then he realizes that he is in fact singing in prose at the moment and quickly stops himself from saying anything further. There are so many things he wants to say right now over the indignity of all this, but it's safer to keep his mouth shut...]

[ooc: Oh god this event lol. Tunewise, he's pretty decent. Must have something to do with having a girly voice already. XD; Also, I apologize if it takes me a little while to respond back-I am not as clever and witty as you all are. :3]
Tags: !event, what!?, not a happy sorcerer, nothing to see here folks, oh for the love of din, that damn reaper
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