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&& The first rock thrown again
Welcome to Hell, little Saint &&
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5th-Nov-2009 08:49 pm - 026 [Accidental Voice]
unfocused | remembering | sad
...A year, huh.

...Has it really been that long?

[Still tiny and adorable by the way, until said otherwise by the Reaper I think. Voice is accidentally picked up by Yuuki's crow (as he's currently at her place at the moment) since his own crow is currently batshit and all as well]

[ooc: In about a few hours, it will have been one whole year since Vaati arrived in Sheol and he's just reflecting on it. Here's to many more days in Sheol you guys because I love you all. Vaati does too, but he just doesn't like to admit it. XD]
17th-Oct-2009 08:26 pm - 025 [Action]
pride | sorcerer | serious
[If you look through your crow, you'll notice a rather strange sight, of a crow trying to fly after and attack something on the ground. Look closer and you'll see a really tiny but familiar bluish-purple object attempting to run away from the crow (and failing miserably)]

Damn crow! Stay away from me! I-I WILL END YOU!!!

[ooc: Vaati is now an inch high and adorable and his crow is trying to eat him. Indeed this is not a good day for him. Someone want to help before he becomes bird food? Or just point and laugh at his misfortune, of course. Might make a second post or log later for more fun Minish adventures.]

20th-Sep-2009 12:23 am - 023 [Accidental Voice]
indescribable | quiet | indecisive
...It's taking too long.

She should of been back by now.

[Concerning Yuuki's death. Feel free to poke him for what he did to the village, but you're probably going to be initially ignored or blown off]

10th-Sep-2009 08:00 pm - 022
exhausted | dead | tired
((Private - 65% difficulty of hacking))Collapse )

[If you check in with the crow network sometime later, you'll see what appears to be an exhausted and passed out, back-to-normal Vaati sitting on the ground against an intact tree admist the ones that were spared of getting knocked over. Judging by the blood all over his clothes and hands, you would think he was dead, but since he's breathing, he might just be asleep-probably needed some rest after all that mayhem and destruction]

((ooc: Backlogging is still fine in the log, but just figured I should go ahead and post him back to normal since the week's over so we can move on))
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