&& The first rock thrown again

Welcome to Hell, little Saint &&

The Great Wind Mage Vaati


Name: Vaati
Series: The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap
Roleplay: Formerly villageofsheol


Name: Taku
Journal: [otaku_attack]

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"piss-off the angry sorcerer day", absolute power, becoming a demon, being antisocial, being undefeatable, cabin 34, controlling the wind, curses, cursing people, darkness, definitely not the reaper, disliking joshua, everyone ships vaati/yuuki, evil, ezlo, four sword adventure, gufuu, gunshot wounds aren't fun-just ask vaati, hating people, hats, hearts, horrible methods of torture, humans, hylian form, hyrule, link, magic, maidens, minish, minish form, not being weak, not cuccos, not everyone else, not gunshot wounds, not joshua, overconfidence, picori, power, princess zelda, psychopathic tendencies, pyromaniac tendencies, setting ezlo on fire, sometimes yuuki, sorcerer, sorcerer apprentice, the brat, the dark world, the goddesses, the legend of zelda, the light force, the minish cap, the triforce, the village of sheol, the wishing cap, transformations, turning people into hats, turning people to stone, ultimate power, vaati, vaati needs better friends, vaati hates everyone-especially you joshua, wind, wind mage, wind sorcerer, wrath form